• Do you find it difficult to pass over opportunities for casual or illicit sex?
  • Have others expressed repeated serious concern over your sexual behaviour?
  • Do you pride yourself on the speed with which you can get to have sex with someone and do you find sex with a complete stranger stimulating?
  • Do you take opportunities to have sex despite having just had it with somebody else?
  • Have you had three or more regular sexual partners at the same time?

Positive answers to these answers may indicate a possible sex addiction.

A sex addict will treat sexual acts as any other drug. The sexual act will be used to alter mood and escape from life. It will be used as a coping mechanism much like any other addictive substance or behaviour. Sex addiction if left untreated may ruin healthy relationships and create a distance between partners.

Pornography addiction can become a major component of sex addiction with individuals "acting out" when watching porn. The internet has made this particular addiction grow over the past few years and many people will have cyber sex through dating type websites. Many sex addicts end up paying for sex or become prostitutes/escorts themselves.

The negative consequences from this disease can range from destroyed relationships, isolation from family and friends and ultimately could lead to death (perhaps as a consequence of a sexually transmitted disease or aids).

Recovery is about trusting a group and through the therapeutic process learning how to deal with life without addictive sexual behaviours. It It is about learning self-respect and ultimately gaining fulfilment from friendships rather than just through sex.