There are no more excuses, no more justification - I depend on food to alter my mood and suppress my feelings.

I use food as a coping tool and it doesn't matter whether I am happy, sad, mad or glad...whether I am busy or bored. It's what I do and I hate it and I want to stop it but I don't know how. The one thing I want to control seems to be controlling me.

It doesn't make sense and it leaves me feeling ashamed and guilty.

Years and years of yo-yo dieting and I weigh more than ever before.

BUT NO ONE KNOWS - I can hide behind my respectable life-style my family, my home and no one knows how lonely I feel - because no one understands the seriousness of this addiction.

Here I go again - looking for another weight loss scheme - back on the cycle - there must be another way?

Those were the thoughts I had 20 years ago and I had to do something different. A wise person once told me "nothing changes if nothing changes".

Weight loss programmes were never successful because they did not help me look at the emotions, behaviours and thought processes behind my dependence on food.

What did help me? Connecting with people in the same situation helped and started the healing process. Supporting each other through change, and learning from each other's experiences helped me and today I am privileged to be counselling and offering group therapy to people who can identify with my story because I know it works.

Group therapy will help you look beyond the food and the weight. You will be provided with tools to help you cope with life. You will learn positive ways of thinking and behaving. You will lose your desire to rely on food which will result in achieving and maintaining a healthy, normal weight.

I did it. So can you.

Sessions held at The Oakridge Practice
244 Radlett Road
Colney Street

Rochelle Craig MSc
FDAP Accredited Drug and Alcohol Counsellor

Tel: 07860373762